Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley****2015 River Valley Studio Tour**** Week of Events August 18 - 23

2014 Artists

Wood turned, lasting, functional
works of art

Collaborative spontaneity

Contemporary realism in style
with a focus on still life

Vibrant oil on canvas floral and landscape paintings

Contemporary paintings celebrating
the fleeting gestures of nature

Oil paintings of local landscapes and ethnic portraits from around the world

Paintings that inspire the spiritual
realm of bliss

Thought provoking paintings using symbolism and color

Paintings capturing the powerful light, color and energy of the West

Conceptual art manifested into abstract
sculptural motifs and installations

Colorful abstract mixed media paintings and sculpture

Etchings and monotypes capturing impressions of the landscape

Lithographic photo transfers,
monotype, and painting

Influences of English pottery
and Japanese ceramics

The experience of nature – patterns,
reflections, colors, and light

Layered mixed media works
of depth and harmony

Large-scale tile murals and
functional pottery

Abstract resolution by addition and
subtraction of color and material

Paintings inspired by the grandeur
of our local landscape

Botanical drawings and illustrations
of plants, flowers, and insects

Unique jewelry in silver, bronze,
copper and steel

Pieced and quilted wall
hangings and quilts

Hand papermaker and mixed media artist

Bright color and animated subjects of dogs, children, plants, and birds

Watercolor & oil paintings inspired
by nature’s transformations

Representational paintings and sculpture
of human and animal subjects

Capturing the transient moment
with photogrpahy

Outdoors and wildlife rendered in illustrative design

Landscapes, Western images, ‘Classics Portraits’ and contemporary figures

Sculpture, installation, and
photography-based mixed media works

Mystically spirited life-size bronze sculptures of wildlife

A sense of place manifested through landscape

A single tree in the landscape;
assigned its latitude and longitude

Neon as a creative medium
in the artist’s world

Creating structure, texture and pattern through woven cloth

Nature & the human form in watercolor, pastels, pencil and printmaking

Storytelling through printmaking,
monotypes, and etchings

Layered paint, pumice, plaster, & various mediums emulating earth patterns

Timeless pieces inspired by both
vintage and modern art

Capturing the essence of landscapes in acrylic, pastel, and watercolour

Inspired by nature’s magic: aspen groves,
wildflowers, and dancing shadows

Reflecting the passage of time in
nature with textile art

Plein aire and studio oil paintings featuring light and shadow

Representational & abstracted paintings of wildlife and other themes

Color and light of the outdoors
captured on canvas.

Contemporary forged and fabricated steel sculpture

Locally to internationally featured photography

Realistic to experimental paintings
and sculpture

Hand dyed cotton and mixed media fabric art

Plein air oil paintings capturing
what words cannot

Fine art photography of raw moments
in life and nature

Mixed media and acrylic paintings
on canvas

Using photography and imagination to
create unexpected panoramas

Idaho Bird Observatory inspired
watercolor portraits


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