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“Expression to Form: Abstract Artists of the Wood River Valley Studio Tour”

SVPN Magazine (Studio Tour Media Sponsor) Article
June, 2018 Issue

 Abstract art is like a secret language. It is a means to give a visual language to experiences where words fail to articulate what we feel, but cannot see. The expression of the familiar, interpreted through a distorted lens, abstract art moves us in a different way than other forms of art, perhaps because one must use our eyes, not to see, but to feel. Four abstract artists who call the Valley home will be welcoming visitors into their studios during this summer’s Wood River Valley Studio Tour. Marybeth Flower, Susan Hall, Lee Higman, and Donna Pritchard each bring their own unique approach to form and abstraction. 

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“Kirk Anderson: Light Discovered”

SVPN Magazine (Studio Tour Media Sponsor) Article
March /April/ May, 2018 Issue

Local photographer Kirk Anderson’s instantly recognizable images are an exploration in texture, movement, color, and light. While many of Anderson’s images are beautiful landscapes, his visual lexicon captures a range from the familiar to the abstract. Whether he is focusing his lens on a local landscape, a detail of lost Americana, the moody English shoreline, or an abstract close-up, Kirk Anderson’s photographs are captivating. 

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“Landscape Artists of the 2017 Wood River Valley Studio Tour”

SVPN Magazine (Studio Tour Media Sponsor) Article
August, 2017 Issue

“Choose only one master—Nature.” –Rembrandt

In this wondrous wilderness called the Wood River Valley lives an abundance of creative spirits inspired in their artistic endeavors by the undulating landscape and the wildlife that at times moves among us, reminding us that we are visitors in their home. Visual artists Elisabeth Bayer, Dan Casali, Marybeth Flower, Jineen Griffith, Kim Howard, Karen Jacobsen, Susan P. Perin, Kathy Riedinger, Mary Rolland, and Pamela Street—whether with a stroke of paint or a camera lens— find their inspiration in the natural environment.

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“Beguiling Beauty of Botanicals”

SVPN Magazine (Studio Tour Media Sponsor) Article
 July, 2017 Issue

“I must have flowers, always and always.” – Claude Monet

The beguiling beauty of botanicals of every imaginable cultivar serves as inspiration for many professional artists of the Wood River Valley.

Each in their own unique way and with a diversity of materials and media, three Wood River Valley Studio Tour artists – EJ Harpham, Annie May and Jennifer Bellinger share images of their art, their processes and the thoughts and emotional connections that compel them to manifest in their art what their eyes see outside the doors of their studios.

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Wood River Valley Studio Tour

SVPN Magazine (Studio Tour Media Sponsor) Article
 June, 2017 Issue

Local artists open their studios to visitors for the 5th annual event, just prior to the total solar eclipse.  The dual attraction is expected to draw thousands of visitors to the Valley.

The article includes profiles of Nolina Burge, Bellevue Artist; Mark Kashino, Hailey Artist; Pamela DeTuncq, Mid-Valley Artist; and Christine Warjone, Ketchum Artist.

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Art Tour Provides New Experience for Adults

Eye on Sun Valley, August 17, 2016 Article
Story and Photo by Karen Bossick

Wood River Valley Studio Tour Suzanne Hazlett invited the group to Ketchum this week for a tour of an exhibition being held at nexStage Theatre.

It was a new experience for those involved with the nonprofit organization, which provides job training and other services for young adults with disabilities like Down syndrome, blindness, post traumatic stress disorder and Asperger’s syndrome.

“Most of them have never toured a gallery or museum before,” said Susan Nickell, marketing director for Magic Valley Rehabilitation Services.

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Peeking Behind The Screen

Idaho Mountain Express August 17, 2016 Issue

4th annual Wood River Valley Studio Tour offers glimpse into artistic process.

When Ketchum artist Suzanne Hazlett spearheaded the first Wood River Valley Studio Tour in 2012, she and co-organizer and fellow artist Mary Williams each made 20 calls a night trying to find local artists to participate.

They thought that would be the easy part—asking artists they knew about to tell them about other local artists they knew. “We were meeting artists throughout the valley who thought they were the only ones,” Hazlett said. Organizing that first tour and establishing a database of local artists in the process was a laborious task.“We had to do a lot of groundwork,” Hazlett said.

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Creative Connections

SVPN Magazine (Studio Tour Media Sponsor) Article
By Suzanne Hazlett August, 2016 Issue

Visiting an artist’s studio is a distinctly different experience from attending an outdoor art festival or seeing an exhibition.  That differences lies in the opportunity to witness the creative spirit and artistic process.  While the experience of making art is often a solitary endeavor, the Wood River Valley Studio Tour allows art admirers as well as those new to art the chance to meet professional artists inside their studios.

This article provides an snapshot of the creative process of Studio Tour Artists  Merete Abbott, Martha Andrea, Sarah Bird, Deborra, Dorothea Cheney, Sarah Davies, Arlene Herich, Judy Pittman, Brent Rasmussen, Jack Sept, and Susan Ward.

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Bellevue Common Council Forms Bellevue Arts Commission

The Bellevue Common Council unanimously endorsed the formation of a Bellevue Arts Commission at their meeting Monday May 23rd, 2016.

The unanimous decision in favor of the commission followed a presentation by Suzanne Hazlett, President and Co-founder of the Wood River Valley Studio Tour, and Anne Jeffery, Tour participant as a fine art photographer and Bellevue area resident. The newly appointed commissioners have aspirations to engage the citizens of Bellevue in bringing about transformative change in the city they assert serves as the threshold to the Wood River Valley arts community.

“It was great to see our community leaders embrace the newly founded Bellevue Arts Commission. I can’t wait to see what amazing things they will accomplish. The Bellevue Arts Commission is going to help lay the foundation to help Bellevue truly become the gateway to the Sawtooths.” Christopher Koch, Mayor City of Bellevue, Idaho, following the establishment of the city’s first Arts Commission.

“There was a lot of thought and research that went in to developing our proposal for an Arts Commission, but now we need to take that dream and turn it into something tangible. Having an arts commission endorsed by the city will facilitate and widen the spectrum of grants that will be available to promote the arts in the community of Bellevue. We want to thank all of those who encouraged us to give this a go and we are hoping for their support and ideas as we go forward.” – Anne Jeffery, Co-Chair – Bellevue Arts Commission

“We see great creative potential for the Bellevue community. Realization of the complete vision may likely take several years, so we’re eager to get started.” – Suzanne Hazlett Co-Chair – Bellevue Arts Commission

“New Arts Proposal Plunges Ahead”

Eye on Sun Valley May 25th Article

“Bellevue has two new arts commissioners, and they have their first deadline today.

The Bellevue council unanimously approved the creation of the city’s first municipally sanctioned Bellevue Arts Commission Monday evening following a presentation by Bellevue photographer Anne Jeffery and Suzanne Hazlett, co-founder of the Wood River Valley Studio Tour.

And they appointed the two women as the first commissioners.”

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