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SVPN Magazine (Studio Tour Media Sponsor)

The August 2014 edition of SVPN’s magazine presented an article in their Fine Arts Section, “Inside the Artist’s Studio” which featured the Tour and four artists who are participating in this year’s Tour.  The artists profiled are Christine Warjone, Judith Kindler, Kim Howard, and Suzanne Hazlett.  The article is on pp. 109 – 117.  Visit digital edition of the magazine.

Americans for the Arts

AFTA LogoAmericans for the Arts, the leading nonprofit committed to advancing the arts in America, recently held its 2014 Leadership Roundtable in Sun Valley, Idaho, an event that attracted prominent artists, arts patrons, arts leaders and business leaders active in supporting the arts. Robert Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts was interviewed by CBS affiliate, KMVT News.  View the interview


Mosaic Project Exhibition & Online Auction

2013 Mosaic - Photo courtesy of Lynn Pattnosh

2013 Mosaic – Photo courtesy of Lynn Pattnosh

Artists throughout the valley each donate an 8×8”original work of art to be installed in the Mosaic Project that will be exhibited at Jennifer Bellinger Gallery in Ketchum, July 4 – 13th.

The artworks will be auctioned online to the highest bidders with proceeds benefiting the non-profit, Wood River Valley Studio Tour, Inc. Artists’ contributions for the Mosaic Project provide a significant source of funding for the Studio Tour’s marketing budget to promote our community of artists. The July exhibition of the Mosaic Project will provide visitors a preview of the valley’s artistic community while providing information about the Tour.

SAVE THE DATE and attend the July 11th reception and celebration from 5 – 8PM at Jennifer Bellinger Studio & Gallery (511 East 4th Street, Ketchum) the Mosaic Project during the Sun Valley Gallery Association Gallery Walk.

City of Ketchum Grant to Tour



We are sincerely grateful to the City of Ketchum for the $4,000 grant awarded to Wood River Valley Studio Tour.

More than 220 professional artists who work and live in the Wood River Valley are proud to contribute to the growing recognition the valley receives as an art-centric community.

“We applaud the Wood River Valley Studio Tour, now in its second year, for bringing a new event to our community. Our City policy is to support events that celebrate the spirit, character, history and heroes of the City of Ketchum. As Ketchum receives recognition as a center for the arts, events such as this showcase the incredible amount of local talent here.”  –  Ketchum Mayor Nina Jonas

Virtual Studio Tour: Mark Kashino


Apparently, being a self-proclaimed “knothead” worked out well for Mark Kashino.  According to the Hailey artist, he spent much of his childhood time in school sitting in the back of class, drawing cartoons.  Inspired by MAD Magazine when he was young, and the work of Jack Davis (who drew over 80 covers for Time Magazine), Kashino eventually leveraged this passion into a career in graphic design and painting.

Fort Campbell to LA Sheriff’s Department

However, as with many creatives, his path to art was not direct.  He spent 3 years in Kentucky at Fort Campbell in the early sixties with the “Screaming Eagles” of the 101st Airborne Division.  During the Cuban Missile Crisis, he spent 3 days with his unit, living on the runway waiting for the “go” from Kennedy.  Luckily his service finished right before Johnson scaled Vietnam into a full-blown war. While he wasn’t able to think much about art during that time, once he left the army, Mark took a famous artists course through the V.A.

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Virtual Studio Tour: Jennifer Bellinger

Bellinger & Easel

Jennifer Bellinger aims to stop people in their tracks when they see her work—engaging them with color and texture and making them forget themselves for a minute.  She says this is one of the benefits of art:  taking you outside yourself and bringing attention to the beauty in the everyday.  A professional artist for over 40 years, Bellinger has had plenty of practice perfecting her art.

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Virtual Studio Tour: EJ Harpham

Stuff breaks, you get over it, and you start over.
~EJ Harpham, ceramic artist

View southeast from EJ Harpham's studio southeast of Bellevue, Idaho.

Up on a hillside, overlooking what seems to be the entire Bellevue Triangle, EJ Harpham works in a studio that many artists would envy (I know I do!).  However, this long-time potter and painter has worked in just about every space imaginable—proof that you don’t need a perfect studio in order to create works of art.

Drawn to the Wood River Valley in 1978, after the recommendation of fellow art students familiar with the local art center in Ketchum, EJ is a classic example of the many visitors who dived into the local lifestyle and stayed.  An obvious athlete, her wiry frame seems like it would be equally comfortable wrestling pounds of wet clay as running up a steep hill.

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