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Virtual Studio Tour: Jennifer Bellinger

Bellinger & Easel

Jennifer Bellinger aims to stop people in their tracks when they see her work—engaging them with color and texture and making them forget themselves for a minute.  She says this is one of the benefits of art:  taking you outside yourself and bringing attention to the beauty in the everyday.  A professional artist for over 40 years, Bellinger has had plenty of practice perfecting her art.

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Virtual Studio Tour: EJ Harpham

Stuff breaks, you get over it, and you start over.
~EJ Harpham, ceramic artist

View southeast from EJ Harpham's studio southeast of Bellevue, Idaho.

Up on a hillside, overlooking what seems to be the entire Bellevue Triangle, EJ Harpham works in a studio that many artists would envy (I know I do!).  However, this long-time potter and painter has worked in just about every space imaginable—proof that you don’t need a perfect studio in order to create works of art.

Drawn to the Wood River Valley in 1978, after the recommendation of fellow art students familiar with the local art center in Ketchum, EJ is a classic example of the many visitors who dived into the local lifestyle and stayed.  An obvious athlete, her wiry frame seems like it would be equally comfortable wrestling pounds of wet clay as running up a steep hill.

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Virtual Studio Tour: Lisa Wood

“Why do something the easy way if you can do it the hard way?”
~Lisa Wood, photographer

Lisa's recent show at Gilman Contemporary

Lisa’s recent show at Gilman Contemporary

Balancing the juxtaposition between simplicity and complexity, technology and nature, future and past, Lisa Wood’s art is a beautiful representation of the breathing room needed to thrive in the modern world. Her photographs contain an inherent and interesting irony—they are images of nature captured and processed through technology. And after 20 years of a career in the world of high-tech, the tools of digital photography are bringing Lisa back to an art that has attracted her for years. Read more

Ketchum Seeks Artists for Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition


Sixth Annual “Art on Fourth” Exhibition Planned for July-October 2014

 January 5, 2014 – The City of Ketchum is seeking artists interested in showcasing their work for the sixth annual “Art on Fourth” outdoor exhibition. The selected three-dimensional artwork will be featured in the heart of downtown Ketchum, along the Fourth Street Heritage Corridor. Selected artists will receive a $500 stipend, and there is no fee to apply.

The deadline for submissions is March 7, 2014.

Artists may submit images of up to three works for consideration. The call for artists, which provides detailed information on the submission process, can be found at or by contacting the office of Sharon Arms, Arts & Events Coordinator at or 208-726-7820. The call is open to all artists, regardless of their state of residence.

BOULDER financial alliance Provides Signature Sponsorship for Tour

BOULDER financial alliance llc was the Signature Sponsor of the 2013 inaugural Wood River Valley Studio Tour.  Suzanne Hazlett, company president, provided a financial contribution enabling the Tour to launch a professional media campaign targeting local, regional, and out of state visitors.  A key part of the media campaign was a professionally produced video highlighting the tour for promotion over the internet, social media outlets, and in other locations.

“With the creation of the valley-wide studio tour showcasing the creative community within the Wood River Valley, I believe we will succeed in developing an audience and following for the artists as well as the extended community of businesses contributing to the visitors’ experience.  I am pleased to be able to contribute to the Wood River Valley Studio Tour, Inc. and support the campaign being launched to build recognition for our local artists and inspire visitors to travel to our valley to experience all it has to offer.”

–           Suzanne Hazlett, President, BOULDER financial alliance llc

BOULDER financial alliance llc is a Ketchum, Idaho based wealth management firm serving individual and corporate clients throughout the country.  Suzanne Hazlett, Certified Financial Planner and investment adviser is also a co-founder of the non-profit organization that is promoting the first annual valley-wide open studio event of its kind in the greater Sun Valley community.  Ms. Hazlett was a vice president with Merrill Lynch in Seattle, Washington, before she and her husband, Chuck Rumpf, became full time residents of Sun Valley in 2003.

Artist Education Series: Photographing Your Artwork

In partnership with the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, we are excited to present the final installment in this year’s Artist Education Series on Wednesday, September 18, from 5:30-7 pm, at the Center in Hailey.  Taught by Stacie Brew, this class will give you the tools you need to successfully photograph your artwork for use on websites, in emails, and in applications to festivals and galleries. We will cover the dos and don’ts of photographing a variety of types of artwork: jewelry, pottery, oil paintings, framed pieces, etc.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get shots that highlight and show off the beauty of your art. This free class is a great opportunity to develop the photography skills that can make a critical difference in the presentation of your artwork. To register, visit the Center website by clicking here. The Center in Hailey is located at 314 2nd Ave South, on the corner of 2nd and Pine.


Canceled – Marketing Your Art through Digital & Social Media

Sadly, due to the ongoing Beaver Creek Fire and smoky conditions in the Valley, we are canceling the August 21 workshop on Marketing Your Art: Digital & Social Media.  We’ll keep you posted if we find a date to reschedule it!

However, we look forward to seeing you for the September 18 workshop. Join us for Marketing Your Art: Photographing Your Work, Wednesday, September 18, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Hailey.

Artist Education Series: Head and Heart Marketing of Art

Artist Education Series, Session 1: “Head and Heart Marketing of Art”
Presented by Wood River Valley Studio Tour and the Sun Valley Center for the Arts

Wood River Valley Studio Tour and the Sun Valley Center for the Arts invite local artists to attend the first in a series of three artist education workshops.  Christina Tindle will facilitate “Head and Heart Marketing of Art” on Tuesday, July 9, 5:30- 7 pm, at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts in Ketchum. This workshop will get participants inspired to delve deeper into their creativity, confront myths about art and success, and help bridge the common gap between the creation of art and the business of art.

Christina will cover topics ranging from the different processes involved in being an artist and making a living, embracing an artistic approach to business and marketing, and invisible beliefs that inhibit art and self-promotion.  Whether you are a full-time, seasoned artist, or an artist supporting your work with a “regular” day job, this workshop will inspire and energize you, and help you identify next steps that will support the career you hope for.

ChristinaTindlePhotoChristina Tindle, M.A. Pyschology, works with clients to explore personal riches to create direction, happiness, leadership, ultimate health, wealth, and peak performance.  With over 25 years of counseling experience, working with diverse clients from Olympic athletes to artists, Christina’s fun and dynamic style helps people reach beyond perceived limitations to reach their goals.



A collaborative offering from Wood River Valley Studio Tour and the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, the Artist Education Series is designed to help artists maximize their participation in the first annual Wood River Valley Studio Tour on October 19-20, 2013.  However, all local artists are invited to take part in and benefit from the series.

This year’s series is focused on helping artists market themselves and their work.  The completion of a piece is just the beginning of the process – the Artist Education Series will help artists take the next steps necessary to get their work noticed and in front of potential collectors.  From professionally documenting art with photographs that display the pieces clarity, accurate colors, and proper lighting, to making it easy for people to view the work through electronic and social media, the series will help local artists market their work.  Each session will also have time for questions, networking, and socializing.

Session Outline:

Head and Heart Marketing of Art with Christina Tindle, Tuesday, July 9, 5:30-7 pm, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Ketchum

Marketing Your Art: Electronic and Social Media, Wednesday, August 21, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Ketchum

Marketing Your Art: Photographing Your Work, Wednesday, September 18, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Hailey

Best Small Towns for Art

ArtPlace, a collaboration of banks, foundations, businesses, and others, is focused on the role of the arts in the economic health of communities.  Through their annual initiative “America’s Top Twelve Small-Town ArtPlaces,” they named Ketchum as one of the top twelve towns with a population under 100,000 for the arts.  The study measured the number of arts related non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals working in creative fields and recognizes “smaller communities in the country where the arts are central to creating the kinds of places where people want to live, work, and visit.”

Their description of Ketchum includes praise of the Sun Valley Center for the Arts and its quality exhibitions and nationally recognized annual Arts and Crafts Festival.  In an Idaho Mountain Express article following the award, Ketchum Mayor Randy Hall said,

“The City of Ketchum’s commitment to art and creativity is demonstrated in the receipt of this prestigious recognition by ArtPlaces, an award that is the result of hard work by many, including the Gallery Association and Ketchum Arts Commission.  We’re proud to be listed among the twelve communities and will continue to celebrate the rich culture that makes Ketchum unique.”

The Wood River Valley Studio Tour is excited to be adding an event that focuses specifically on the many accomplished local artists living in this community.  It is our goal to create an event that draws both residents and out of town visitors who will frequent local businesses throughout the tour, adding economic vitality during a normally quiet time of year.

Grant Received from Ketchum!

The KETCHUM EVENTS COMMISSION has awarded Wood River Valley Studio Tour, Inc. with an event funding grant of $2,000 for the first annual valley-wide studio tour in the greater Sun Valley community.  The Ketchum Events Commission was created by Resolution of the City Council in 2012 with the objective of supporting and conducting events which celebrate the spirit, character, history and heroes of the City of Ketchum.

Jen Smith, Chair of the Ketchum Events Commission, says, “The Ketchum Events Commission’s financial support of the Wood River Valley Studio Tour reflects the City’s enthusiastic support for the arts and for artists working right here in our community. Visiting an artist’s creative space is a unique and impactful experience, both for the visitor and the host. I personally look forward to taking advantage of this opportunity.”

We are grateful to Jen Smith, all of the KEC members, and the City of Ketchum! The City’s endorsement and welcome contribution demonstrates Ketchum’s commitment to supporting events that bring the City and the surrounding communities together.

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