Anne Jeffery

Artist Statement

I photograph the diminutive landscapes of wild and garden flowers, leaves and grasses, and the birds, bugs, and butterflies that dwell within. My montages merge these photographs with clouds, streams, waterfalls, bubbles, and splashes of color. The final images are a compilation of original photographs that I weave together through the magic of Photoshop. I immerse myself in the digital process of intertwining multiple layers, usually between 60 and 70 individual layers, until a final composition arises. The result might be whimsical or moody, delicate or splashy, or pensive and muted depending on where the images take me.




Directions  – Studio is in the Griffin Ranch subdivision 2 1/2 miles south of Bellevue off of Gannett Road

Contact Info

10 Tyler Drive, Bellevue

(208) 788-4184

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