Brent Rasmussen

Artist Statement

My father was an Architect who designed churches. The houses he designed for his family to live in all featured Stained Glass. When I was a boy, I would lie on the couch in the living room and stare at the glass abstractions for hours. I would see Fairy Tales, High Adventures, Fantastic Creatures and Magical Monsters in the glass, which would change colors and appearance as the Sun moved across the sky.
In my paintings, I like to combine organic forms and vivid, transparent colors with black outlines to entice the mind of the viewer to encounter the strange entities I remember from my childhood. If a viewer of my work sees something in a painting that I did not put there overtly or deliberately, I consider the work a success.




Directions – Entering Bellevue from the north, take the first street on the left, Spruce Street. Then take the first left, and look for the house with the white picket fence and the giant lilac bushes. Welcome!

Contact Info

616 North 2nd Street, Bellevue

(208) 721-2905