Christine Warjone

Artist Statement


Having worked in several mediums and continuing to do so, I am currently working in Mixed Media using canvas, resin, board and my talents with the paintbrush. I enjoy experimentation and love to capture and honor people I have met in my travels.

 In addition, I work with photos on metal after photographing mostly nature in very stylized fashion. Movement of my camera lens is what allows me to bring a very ethereal feeling to a finished piece. 

My years on this planet have helped me enjoy this journey and practice my art with care, love and to a degree some abandon. 

I am an artist who feels that taking one’s art too seriously kills the joy. In my opinion, when the joy is gone, the art feels static and contrived. 

I am enjoying this journey. I’ve been painting and experimenting since the early 2000’s. But, I’ve been a photographer since a wee child. Both my parents were exceptional photographers and world travelers. They left this planet when I was young but their gift to me was their ability to teach and their sharing of their talent and wanderlust. 

I have many collectors in the U.S. and Europe. These are individuals and companies/organizations who have brought me great validation with their loyalty. My collectors have become friends. 

Directions: North on Main Street through Ketchum, to Warm Springs Road which veers left. Warm Springs Road to Lewis Street on the right. Small White Stucco Building with red doors and a 1948 Woody Station Wagon Parked out front.

Contact Info

110 Lewis Street #1 (White building with red doors. Located directly between Glass Masters and Lutz Rental in the light industrial district.), Ketchum

(206) 779-8849

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