Dan Casali

Artist Statement


I have lived photography for over 60 years. My current emphasis is the imagery of the American West-its mountains, rivers, plains, deserts, and creatures that inhabit them. I am often struck by the intersection of man’s artifacts and Nature’s forms. We are surrounded by stunning imagery large and small; I try to steal moments of light and form to render them on paper for generations to come.

We live in an age where each day more images are captured by digital devices than in entire years of film based photography’s past, yet fewer images than ever before are printed and given permanence. As both a technologist and a photographer, I use modern wide format printers to prepare printed images of archival quality. I delight in the level of control modern digital techniques provide me to render the essence of the scene before me.

Contact Info

Giacobbi Square, Lower Level (Atkinson's Market), Ketchum

(208) 928-7083

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