Jack Sept

Artist Statement

Some of my first memories are of cowboys, horses, and saddles. I grew up on ranches in Wyoming and Montana where everything revolved around western lifestyles. Hearing cowboys talk about handmade saddles, custom boots and hats started a love affair with leather that I still possess today. At the age of 12, I took my first leather class from legendary saddle maker and tooler Don King in Sheridan, Wyoming. I studied art at the University of Montana and I have worked in many media over the years but found my self returning to leatherwork and refining my tooling style.

After fifty some years, I have developed a deep commitment and respect for the history and art of an ancient profession. Currently, I focus on creating intricate and richly tooled items from small hatbands, belts, and cowboy gear to custom saddles.



Directions – Studio is in the Griffin Ranch subdivision 2 1/2 miles south of Bellevue off of Gannett Road

Contact Info

10 Tyler Drive, Bellevue

(208) 788 - 4184