Jan Lassetter

Artist Statement

After formal training, my quest has been about the pursuit of growth. How to make a better composition. How to convey emotion with the line, color, paint, texture, and subject matter. How to deal with light and dark. How to make more interest, as in double images and reflections. How to make water and sky have movement. How to make a landscape have a sense of place.

After having painted land scenes, seascapes, industrial scenes, and urbanscapes for several decades, I went to Africa and voila! New inspiration!

I saw elephants in their natural habitat for the first time. They are the grandest and magnificent animals I have ever experienced. We were amongst a herd of 250. One thousand photos later, I am experiencing them all over again, but with tempera and gouache on paper, and oil on linen.

We are all creatures of this earth, but these elephants are the most treasured. I have a great fear of the ivory trade and the wanton decimation of these great beasts. Presenting these animals with exuberance conveys my hope for their future.

Directions – #202 & #203 – The Redfish Building across from Big Wood Bakery

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