Jen Galpin

Artist Statement


At my center, I’m a realist painter. However, I’ve moved away from strict representational painting and I’ve begun collaging techniques- monotype, lithographic photo transfers, and oil painting- and bringing elements from each process into play. My work often originates in response to language- bits of songs, sentence fragments, poetrywords that have created a specific impression or evoked a strong emotion in me. I am interested in creating fiction with realism and I allow my process to evolve in an associative, non-linear manner. As a result, my subjects are diverse. I work from my own photographs, sometimes transferring them and sometimes painting from them. Often I will sit with a photo I find evocative for months, having no specific plan for how it will be used. Then an idea from another process will present itself, or another image flashes into my mind, and I will suddenly know where that piece fits. While I may not immediately understand why I am drawn to a particular subject, the meaning and importance of the imagery is revealed as I work, and allowing for this unknown element is a critical part of my creative process. My work tells a story, but I don’t tell the story from beginning to end. I leave it open ended and allow the viewer space to bring their own experience to the work.

My new body of work is an exploration of navigating in the wake of change. When foundations shift or disappear completely, what happens? How do we balance the fear of falling with the freedom of being untethered to move forward on a new path? This work maps the starts and stops, the falls and uncertainty, and the hope that accompanies movement into new territory.

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