Kirk Anderson

Artist Statement

I approach my craft through complete involvement from the initial exposure to the final print. All editions are printed using the finest archival processes.

The motivation for my art is to discover visually, the natural essence of my subjects. By taking a split second from eternity and storing it intact, in a finished image, I attempt to express just how fleeting the world is, and for that matter our very existence.

My intention is to impart this feeling of natural splendor through blurred motion, use of bold and subtle color, nature’s design, ethereal weather, and sharp attention to detail. In a successful print, the viewer senses a beautiful integration of light, color, and composition.

Directions: At the north end of Lewis Street look immediately left for a large photograph on the garage door as you turn right onto the beginning of Northwood Way

Contact Info

Kirk Anderson Fine Art Photography

115 B Northwood Way, Ketchum

(208) 720-5238

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