Kristen Kaiser

Artist Statement


Since moving to the Valley, I have found my love of epic natural beauty, wide open skies, and subjects that inspire and fill me with awe. My work is a representation of that wonder, and is often based on a philosophy that we have a kinship with our animal brethren and Mother Earth. I favor painting figurative and natural forms.

I enjoy several art applications. Acrylics, watercolor, pastel, and scratchboard to name a few. When painting, I look for a sensual application of color and shape around curving licks and buttery brush strokes. Or there is the illustrative method that I favor as well. Portraying a story or a subject study.

Like every artist, my work is evolving. I flow back and forth between well defined occasionally fussy details and thick swatches of heavily outlined paint.

While seeking out my true style, the one common element that I’ve kept with me throughout the years is my love of horses. When in doubt, I can fall back on the equine to make my heart and hand happy.

Contact Info

62 Townsend Gulch Rd, Bellevue

(208) 928-6974

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