Leslie Rego

Artist Statement


My work reflects the passing of time in Nature. I particularly love the transitions between the seasons, believing them to be metaphors for our own lives. Nature’s most beautiful moments are in constant flux. I find the muted browns of late Autumn to be lovely and rich, the very last faded blooms of the flowers of summer to be gentle and tender, the mud season after the white snows to be full of promise.

Color and texture work off of one another to create a multitude of patterns. These patterns, integrated with light and shadow, create layers of depth. I use line and shape in my pieces to create a balanced composition, constantly adjusting the design to maintain an equilibrium between harmony and chaos. Thread painting applied to the surface adds another layer of depth, while also serving as areas of dominance within the composition.


Contact Info

280 West Warm Springs Road, Ketchum

(208) 720-1294

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