Lisa Holley

Artist Statement

Illustrating botanical subjects became a passion of mine after studying the works of 16th-century artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Drawing plants, flowers and insects, I aim to involve the viewer in another dimension of thought. Composing my subjects from either what they eat, or are associated with, is a challenge during the creation of the work. It is fascinating for me to observe the varied and inquisitive reactions people have to the finished work.


Directions –  Across from Big Wood Bread Light Industrial restaurant. Lots of parking. Elevator to the top floor. North on Route #75 to the intersection at Saddle Road. Turn left on Saddle Road, first left onto Northwood Way, a 3rd lot on the left. 3 story stucco building

Contact Info

270 Northwood Way, Unit #205, Ketchum

(208) 622-9122

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