Marc Longley

Artist Statement


For the last several years, I’ve been capturing the vibrant Idaho landscapes with watercolors. I love working with this medium, since it’s so fluid and unpredictable.

Over the winter, I experimented with photography and captured how objects appear to transform through sheets of ice.

Those objects behind the veil of ice, could be birdbaths, fences, Aspen trees, or a hillside full of Spruce trees. In some cases, they were watercolors that I had painted years ago.

As you can see, some of the most interesting images incorporated reflections off the ice along with the background showing through. The resulting colors and shapes are almost dreamlike!

New to the Tour this year, is a photo of a wonderfully, colored moth that I found perched outside my house last summer.

Some of the best photos taken through ice, were developed into a video, which can be viewed on my website at MARCLONGLEY.COM, or at Chapter One Bookstore in Ketchum.

Contact Info

741 Paintbrush Lane, Hulen Meadows, Ketchum

(208) 720-0252

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