Margery Friedlander

Artist Statement


The primary focus of my work is the landscape. I begin with a photograph and from there I begin to imagine which direction I want to take the image. Will I make a straight monotype or will I incorporate a photo transfer? What do I wish to accentuate? Often my monotypes have an impressionistic quality, and I carefully consider the colors and values that will allow me achieve the effect I want and communicate the drama of the scene. My transferred images are much more straightforward representations of the landscape but often I monotype parts of the picture after the first printing in order to create a focus and to direct the viewer’s eye through the work.

As the process evolves I spontaneously make changes and alterations, sometimes extending the timeline to complete a piece, sometimes finishing before I expect. The process is challenging, layered, and involves patience and time to get the effect I want, yet the printmaking process allows me to present the landscape in a way that reflects how I feel when I am in nature.

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