Mary Rolland

Artist Statement

The beauty of any landscape offers me the inspiration to express my imagination and paint what I feel, not what I see.
Using paint thinner and a plethora of colors, various brushes, palette knives, rags, and even my fingers, I let the paint flow and drip, working the surface until the painting feels complete. Sometimes I attach a photo of a landscape and then extend beyond the photo with my own imagination. The photo takes the viewer into my imaginary landscape or the viewer’s own imagination.
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Directions – Drive South of Bigwood Bakery and turn right into driveway at 221-231 Northwood Center (South of Espinoza). Turn left into a large parking area and go to South end and 800B.

Contact Info

231 Northwood Way 800B, Ketchum

(917) 880-5433

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