Marybeth Flower

Artist Statement

As a photographer, I am stimulated by visual images and the emotions they evoke, not concepts. If I like something I see, I shoot it, and if it is not interesting I walk on by. I need to be emotionally connected to what I put in the frame of my lens.
Color and form attract my eye but every once in a while I am drawn to black and white images.
I love creating abstract work where shape, color, form, contrast, and vibrancy inform my work. Sometimes it will be the quality of light that catches my eye, and I am compelled to work an image by shooting it from every direction over a period of time while the beautiful light lasts. The scary and amazing thing is that I never know how long the light will be there and I am always surprised when it lasts for a few minutes and I am deeply saddened when the light suddenly disappears.

The impressionists have always impacted me on a deep level, while at the same time I am drawn to the work of the abstract modern painters working from 1940-1980. I am particularly influenced by Helen Frankenthaler, Frank Stella, Richard Diebenkorn, and Mark Rothko.

Some people say they knew they would be a photographer the day they picked up their first camera. Not me. I am a frustrated painter lacking drawing skills. The camera has become my brush and my canvas. I love creating abstract images and the more painterly my work looks the happier I am.

My earliest and favorite memories are of travel. When I was really young my parents would drive us around Ohio and I loved looking out the car windows and creating visual images in my head of what I saw. The travel bug in me is stronger than ever and I enjoy capturing a sense of place in my photographs. I always hope that my travel images will have an emotional impact on the viewer.

Directions: Drive on Highway 75 .3 miles north of the Saddle Road stoplight. Turn right at the first street, Clubhouse Road, Make first left at S. Bigwood Drive. 200 is on the left. It is the last house before the open space.

Contact Info

200 South Bigwood Drive (North end of the Bigwood Golf Course), Ketchum

(208) 720-6990

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