Mimi Stuart

Artist Statement

“One should not become an artist because he can, but because he must. It is only for those who would be miserable without it.” – Irving Stone

It’s hard for an artist to answer the question of why or when he or she became an artist.

As a child, I couldn’t resist drawing pen & ink sketches on any scrap of paper, any place, any time.

As an adult, I’m drawn to large-scale canvases, layering them thick with paint and texture, adding organic materials and precious metals. The intricate cross-hatching of my youthful drawings has given way to a bold partial abstraction of subjects, more daring in color and form. I like seeing how the 24k gold leaf illuminates certain parts of the image, contrasting with the dark areas. The negative space formed by the absence of lines is vital to the balance of the final image.

Each painting is inherently an experiment.

Critics describe my style as a form of kinetic expressionism.

Energy of Subject is what I call it. EOS, for short.

The artwork attempts to capture the essence of an idea, concept or person in the painting. There is no formula, only a feeling that must be explored.


Directions  – From Hwy. 75, West on Greenhorn Rd., R on Foothill, L on Timber Way, L on Timber Ct., L into first driveway and voilá!

Contact Info

100 Timber Court, Ketchum

(208) 928-7874

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