Poo Wright-Pulliam

Artist Statement

Artist’s Statement

Poo Wright-Pulliam has been in love with creating art since she was a small child. She attended BSU as an art major and after moving to the Wood River Valley in 1973 fell in love with the outdoors and began painting the abundant wildlife. She is self-taught in watercolor and scratchboard.

The last year has been very busy for Wright-Pulliam. As Artist-In-Residence at Craters of the Moon she created 1 scratchboard and 15 watercolor pieces. The scratchboard piece, entitled “A Night On The Moon”, was selected by the US Botanic Garden in Washington DC to represent Craters for the National Park Service’s 100th Anniversary for the show, “Flora of the National Parks”, from Feb.18th till Oct. 2nd. She has been busy creating art for the Sawtooth Botanical Garden’s 21st Annual Garden Tour brochure and 4 new pieces for the St. Luke’s Local’s art show.

Her work can be seen in large format on the windows at the Intermountain Bird Observatory in Boise.

Contact Info

218 Alturas Dr. (4 1/2 miles north of Hailey), Hailey

(208) 788-3903