Robert Kantor

Artist Statement


Making the impossible, possible; the possible, probable and the probable a reality; finding optimism out of pessimism; believing in egalitarianism; and living the impossible dream defines the artist Robert A. Kantor and my art. Art provides a means of communication so I don’t have to convince anyone by inadequate words to share the feelings and emotions of this eternal optimist. But if my art fails to generate emotional response, then the art is inadequate. Any ability I might have to communicate ideas and emotional feelings through my art is a gift for which I am eternally grateful. I’m compelled to share that gift with those who would gain some positive element from their contact with my art. When I feel that optimistic feelings can be conveyed through my sculpture, it’s my mission to create it. I rarely set out to create for any purpose, but my sculpture is created when inspiration wells up from its unknown source. As long as that source exists, I will make sculpture.

Contact Info

265 Golden Eagle Drive South, Hailey

(208) 720-8334

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