Susan P. Perin

Artist Statement

I paint because it is a part of me. I need to express and share what I see.

There is the magic of colour, Light, patterns, and weather. There is excitement or quiet meditation in Nature, cities, ancient and new buildings, and in industry and agriculture. Painting in the open “Plein Air”, camping and adventuring feed my studio work.

Challenges and insights from literature, visual and performing arts especially music, push one past occasional threatened boredom to learn from, and perhaps destroy the failures, maybe move them in another direction. Experimenting with new colours, materials, practices only grow my joy in mark making- Painting.




Directions – Take Sun Valley Road heading north. Pass red barn (200yds); then right on Bitterroot Road at the intersection (200yds) go left on Silverweed.  The second house (green) on the right. The bridge is too far.  

Contact Info

102 Silverweed Way, Sun Valley

(208) 721-1618

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