Valerie Stuart

Artist Statement

Artist’s Statement

Color for me has always been about feeling it. Whether my inspiration is from Nature or other Natural Resources. Sometimes it’s in a memory or as simple as looking deep into an apple. The process of pulling the colors together and creating several layers and combinations. ¬†Sometimes as many as ten or twelve layers to create a luminous space in which the viewer can visually see that one color is not just one,but many shades and hue’s of the color itself creating depth within the color. My color fields are a part of my inner self. How I feel in the moment of each application and what the color represents to me. Trusting my own emotional experiences I move forward on the color wheel of life and go wherever it takes me.

A sense and feeling of color is inside all of us with each color our moods are variable on the color spectrum which takes each individual to a different place.

Contact Info

720 4th Ave S, D-4 (Corner of 4th Ave S and Cedar), Hailey

(208) 788-4678