Wendel Wirth

Artist Statement

Artist’s Statement

I am interested in the serendipitous moments provoked by rare, atmospheric occurrences. The goal of my work is to invite people to consider the importance of nature, not merely for beauty or industry, but for the sensations that are evoked within us. By placing the horizon line at the center of the image, a slight abstraction is created. The photographs defamiliarize the traditional landscape, with the intent of stimulating the viewer to reflect, and rediscover the meaning of the photograph. Color is extremely important to me and in the end, nuance became one of the most important aspects of my work. My hope is that the complexities and pensive nature of these photographs are universal, and yet, intimately personal.

Contact Info

wendel wirth photographs

323 Lewis Street Studio M - located in the industrial area. enter from warm springs road. rt onto lewis st after the car wash, first building on the left. green awnings: Ketchum Trade Center upstairs. last office on the right., Ketchum

(208) 720-0424

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