Wendy Pabich

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

A new focus in my art on the power and beauty of woman has me completely enchanted. After several months last summer of being separated from my favorite supplies—primarily acrylic paints and large, hand-stretched canvases—I found myself increasingly longing to make art. Eventually, in a moment of insight, I understood that I—rather than my lack of “perfect” supplies—was my biggest obstacle to creating. In that moment, I charged myself with finding whatever supplies I did have on hand and starting to make art. It turned out that I had more than everything I needed, including artist-quality materials (albeit unfamiliar supplies) and a soul full of inspiration. Images of goddesses began pouring forth and I discovered a new level of inspiration, ease, and magic within myself and in my process. I continue to explore the theme of feminine strength and inspiration in my work.

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