Mary Roberson


I can’t NOT paint. My work is about my love for life, the animals, the land and most recently, my intrigue with the oil painting on aluminum panels, after having visited Kenya and Tanzania in 2013 and 2014.

I was given a gift that allows me to express my feelings on canvas. I call it a gift because painting, for me, has become effortless and blissful.

My guides are the cave painters of 30,000 years ago. Their images are bold, majestic and alive. Perhaps because of the cave painters, it has always been my nature to shun formal art training. The creativity was already inside of me, and I feared formal training might somehow impair what was already present naturally.

I either paint Alla Prima or I apply layers of paint with large painting knives and as the paint dries, I scrape it back, add more layers and glazes and scrape again. I keep doing this process, sometimes up to twenty layers, sometimes three or four, until I achieve the depth and texture I want. I let the abstract layers dictate the subject and composition of the painting. I may flip the painting midway through working on it, just to get a new perspective. Although the scraping process may be laborious, the end product is an understatement. In the case of my alla prima paintings, however, the process is swift and I become “lost” with complete focus. I’m opposed to providing viewers with so much information that their own imaginations are stymied.

Painting is the greatest pleasure I can imagine.

Directions to studio:  Take Fox Acres Rd off of Hwy 75 on the south end of Hailey, turn right on Woodside Blvd, left on Baldy View Dr, and it’s the 3rd house on the left, white with purple trim.

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