2019 Artist Participation Requirements

SATURDAY August 17th
SUNDAY August 18th
10AM to 5PM

Working artists are invited to complete and submit a WRV Studio Tour Artist Application on-line. Participating artists commit to opening their studios during the dates and hours of the tour to welcome art patrons, admirers, and collectors while they venture out on self-guided tours to meet and interact with the valley’s artists, observe the creative process, and purchase art. Qualifying applicants must maintain a working art studio located within the Wood River Valley, Idaho. Accepted artists are expected to have completed a body of work representing a cohesive, visual art form, with professional execution. WRV Studio Tour, Inc. defines the visual arts as art forms that are primarily visual in nature, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, textile, printmaking, photography, video, and filmmaking. Artists are encouraged to contact WRV Studio Tour, Inc. with any questions as to the suitability of their art form and its acceptance for inclusion in the tour.

The 2019 WRV Studio Tour artist registration fee is $150 when submitted with a completed on-line application February 13th – March 29th. The extended registration period is April 1st – 12th with the registration fee of $250 for on-line applications during the extended period.

Artists are required to donate a piece of artwork for inclusion in the Mosaic Project. Each artist will be provided a 8×8″ panel upon which an original work may be created and incorporated into a mosaic installation. Artist’s will provide a retail price of each piece. Completed Mosaic artwork is to be delivered by or before June 30th.  Delivery location TBA. The Mosaic Project will be publicly displayed as part of the Group Exhibition August 16th – 18th. The visual result will be a stunning work of art that represents the valley’s community of artists, advertises the event to potential participants, and creates additional excitement about the artists featured. Viewers will be invited to purchase panels. All sales from the donated panels will benefit Wood River Valley Studio Tour, Inc. Unsold panels will remain the property of Wood River Valley Studio Tour, Inc. for sale at a later date.

Each artists will invited to display one work of art in the Group Exhibition August 16th – 18th. Artists will be responsible for delivery of art work Wednesday, August 15th and pick up Monday, August 19th. Space limitations will dictate allowable dimensions for inclusion in the exhibition.

A Reception with the Artists will take place Friday, August 16th. Artists, tour visitors and participants, sponsors, supporters, and members of the press will have the opportunity to gather, converse, and celebrate the event.

Wood River Valley Studio Tour, Inc. receives no commission or percentage of studio sales. Dealer, or gallery-represented artists participating in the WRV Studio Tour are encouraged to review and honor any agreements held with professional art dealers or gallerists, should they be applicable to studio tour participation and studio sales.

The WRV Studio Tour will be publicized via online, print, and broadcast media. Participating artists will be profiled on the WRV Studio Tour website. The tour provides marketing and exposure opportunity for artists and an enjoyable way for visitors to engage with artists within their self-inspired settings. Artists are encouraged to engage in self-promotion and marketing efforts to attract visitors to their studios.

Wood River Valley Studio Tour, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization celebrating the artistic talent of the Wood River Valley, connecting artists, art lovers, and those new to art, through an annual exploration of local artist studios.  By showcasing the creative community within the Wood River Valley, the tour aims to inspire regional and out of state visitors to travel to the valley to experience first hand the quality of locally produced art, our vibrant community, and the beauty of the valley’s natural environment.